EVC TOKEN – Invest in Equity.

Till now the venture capital industry has been static and closed to the general public. EMPORIUM participates and invests in hundreds of venture capital rounds making the shares available to the general public to be traded on the EMPORIUM trading portal.


  • Team
  • Advisors
  • Company Reserve
  • Bounty Program
  • Private Sale
  • Pre-Sale
  • Main Sale
The 2nd STO offering will be 99,3% fund investment, 0,7% will are not for sale.


The EMPORIUM EVC token will only be offered to a selected number of investors that have applied for the private sale or have been invited by the EMPORIUM team. Please be informed that you might need to qualify for private placement exemption (or any similar terms) in your country of residence.

TOKEN: EVC tokens are made according to the ERC-20 standard. 

TOTAL TOKEN ISSUE: In total 630.000.000 EVC will be issued in two steps until the end of 2020. Due to the total fund size of $550M USD.

STO 1 TOKEN ISSUE: During the first token issue, 120,000,000 EVC token will be issued till the end of 2019. The first issue includes all setup, marketing, team and development expenses. 55% will be invested in start-ups. 

STO 2 TOKEN ISSUE: During the second token issue, further 510,000,000 EVC token will be issued of which 98.1% will be invested in start-ups. The first issue includes all setup, marketing, team and development expenses and ends 2020. 

TOKEN FOR SALE: 599.950.000 EVC will be for sale.

ACCEPTED CURRENCIES: Bitcoin, Ether, USD, EURO, and other FIAT currencies.

Become an EMPORIUM shareholder.

We’re planning to launch a multi-stage security token offering (STO) starting in March 2019. Limited spots will be available for the private sale — apply for the private sale and register to receive updates now.

EMPORIUM is raising multiple rounds in order to fuel growth in the coming years and enabling us to achieve our mission revolutionize the venture capital industry.

In the first round, the private sale, we aim to leverage the ’small offering exemption’ of the European prospectus directive, which allows everyone within the European Economic Area to participate. At the same time, accredited US investors will be able to participate in our STO under Rule 506(c), Regulation D. Our objective for this round is to raise EUR 5 Million.

To receive updates regarding the STO, you can register through the registration form.

When the sale starts you will receive instructions about signing up for the STO on our token issuance platform. Once registered, you can go through a short KYC process to ensure eligible participation.
Afterward, you can then purchase EMPORIUM tokens (EVC) with EUR, USD, BTC and ETH.

  • Expenses


EMPORIUM investors who participate in the STO are buying EMPORIUM Security Tokens (EVC), which are fully compliant security tokens that are linked to company shares. These Ethereum based ERC tokens give investors economic rights and right to dividends.

  • ERC token standard
  • Fully compliant token
  • Tokens are linked to company shares
  • Right to profit sharing and dividends
  • Tradable asset-backed token



Start Date: 01 March 2019
End Date: 31 April 2019
Stage Cap: 5,250,000 Token
Token Price: $0,48


Start Date: 01 Mai 2019
End Date: 31 July 2019
Stage Cap: 10,525,000 Token
Token Price: $0,71


Start Date: 01 August 2019
End Date: 31 December 2019
Stage Cap: 42,100,000 Token
Token Price: $0,95


Start Date: 01 January 2020
End Date: 31 December 2020
Stage Cap: 500,000,000 Token
Token Price: $1.00


The tokens issued are embedded with smart contract which has the regulations of the registered jurisdiction coded. These include legal frameworks of fundraising, investor qualification rules & transaction limits on transfer.

Blockchain ensures all the transactions including the conditional are visible to the financial regulators. The benefits of a transparent ecosystem will help the cryptocurrency market under the purview of the government regulation. The process of transfer agents are being automated the entrepreneurs can raise funds in a simpler and a cost effective way.

Issuance companies face problems during secondary trading when different countries are involved. Our tokens can be traded across borders with the idea that the tokens issued are securities and must comply with securities laws. The token sales and secondary trading are developed with conditionality on the smart contract.

The EMPORIUM platform enables you to trade assets once you have bought the token/invested into the EMPORIUM fund. The token can also be traded on other listed token exchanges.

Once you have invested in EMPORIUM you receive your tokens, you are free to invest the tokens in any asset listed on our platform. Once an investment reaches an exit or an IPO you will receive the profits form asset sale.

With traditional venture funds you can only invest into the fund and the fund management chooses the assets to invest in. With the EMPORIUM platform you choose from over hundreds of companies that you can invest in and even sell your investment minutes, days or years later, as you like.

The management only receives a bonus on exits once the initial investment by the investors has been paid back. After that the management receives 20% of the profits keeping them motivated to achieve the highest possible returns on behalf of our investors.

At EMPORIUM, we develop a technology which allows us to reissue tokens to the investors if the investor loses their wallet keys subject to terms and conditions. The wallet must compatible to the legal requirements and investor must have the right to reclaim his lost tokens.


To align the interests of token sale participants and team members and prevent the concomitant sale of a large number of tokens, the following restrictions will be imposed on the holdings of large buyers and EMPORIUM team members:

  • 50% of the EMPORIUM tokens allocated to the team will be vested/locked in smart contracts for 2 years;
  • 50% of the EMPORIUM tokens allocated to the company reserve will be vested/ locked in smart contracts for 2 years;
  • For contributors of more than 1 000 000 EUR, the following vesting schedule applies (applicable rate: 1 EVC = 0.01 EUR):
  • 25% of the amount exceeding 1 000 000 EUR vested for 6 months
  • 25% of the amount exceeding 1 000 000 EUR vested for 12 months
  • 25% of the amount exceeding 1 000 000 EUR vested for 18 months
  • 25% of the amount exceeding 1 000 000 EUR vested for 24 months